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Thomas Estes is a criminal law expert and served as a Northampton District Court Judge. He is well-known in the Pioneer Valley for his outstanding legal work and consistent commitment to building relationships with his clients.


OUI Defense

Attorney Estes has been serving clients charged with Operating Under the Influence (OUI), colloquially referred to as drunk driving, since 1998. His decades of experience dealing with OUI cases, including several years as a district court judge, have given him an unmatched understanding of the nuances of the law and the ways it applies to your particular case. 

Domestic Violence

Attorney Estes’ time as a public defender and district court judge have given him a comprehensive understanding of domestic abuse, including restraining orders, harassment prevention orders, and domestic assault and battery. 

Restraining Orders

We can help you obtain a restraining order while also securing the safety of your family and children.


Divorce can be a complicated process for many people. There are several steps and factors involved. We can help negotiate the best resolution for your future. 

Violent Crimes

Our extensive trial and defense experience can help with the most complicated cases, including homicide. We will mentor you about your rights and the best options available.


Misdemeanor sentences can range from a suspended sentence, community service, and imprisonment in the House of Corrections. 

Workers’ Compensation

Workers compensation is a state-mandated program where payments are required by law to be made to an employee who is injured or disabled in connection with work. 

Traffic Ticket/Appeals

Thomas Estes works to get fines reduced, avoid incarceration, avoid traffic points, maintain driving privileges, and get charges reduced or dismissed. 

Magistrate Hearings

Using proper representation at a Magistrate hearing allows a client to win before charges are ever issued.